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Betty Jean Barney Farnsworth was born to a humble, down to earth, all American family in a small town in southern Utah.

From a very young age Betty was fascinated with history, particularly family history.  When she was just a teenager, she gifted a journal to her grandmother.  She wanted to know her story. Grandma Lilly’s life truly mattered to Betty Jean.  As a result of this selfless gift, her grandmother continued to write in many journals, almost daily until the day she died.  Betty’s seemingly small gift turned into a legacy and a treasure for generations to enjoy.

Family history and journaling turned into a lifelong passion.  Through the years Betty has researched relentlessly to trace her family roots back through time.  On this search she has gotten to know not just the name, birth, and death dates of her ancestors but the heartbreaks and joys of their experiences as well.  She has been able to keep  them alive in our minds and hearts.


Heaven's Children
Written by Betty Farnsworth
Heaven's Children is a collection of experiences from a tender place in Betty's heart which includes stories of herself, her children, and her grandchildren.
Price: $12.00

heavens-children-coverBetty Jean’s passion for those who had already passed became more of a ‘knowing’ when she herself, actually died while giving birth to her second son.  Thankfully, doctors were able to revive her.  Upon waking, Betty Jean knew life would never be the same, because she truly knew that her life didn’t end even when she was no longer here.  Through this amazing journey, Betty Jean has literally become an ambassador between those living, and those who have passed.

She has now stepped into the realm of sharing her gift of writing, and her gift of spirit through her writing.

This book is a collection of experiences from a tender place in her heart which includes stories of herself, her children, and her grandchildren.  Now we can all experience a little bit of Heaven on Earth through this Earth angel’s eyes.

My Dad Has Cancer
Written and Illustrated by Lauren Faye Uribe
My Dad has Cancer is a book written & illustrated by nine year old Lauren Uribe. She tells the story of her dads journey with cancer from her own eyes.
Price: $12.50

Photo of Lauren Faye UribeNine year old Lauren Faye Uribe is an artist, gymnast, cheerleader and dancer. She is very thirsty for life, meeting new people and outgoing. She has 3 brothers, 2 cats and a dog. Lauren enjoys making jewelry, duct tape creations, selling jewelry and rocks at trade shows and practicing reiki. She has an eye for fashion and is very creative with her wardrobe.

A new unexpected experience that hit her hard was her dad getting diagnosed with cancer. Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma of the bone. We searched for books and ways to assist her with this difficult situation and found very few about dads having cancer. So on her and her dad’s journey to healing and understanding we compiled her own book from her perspective as she walked this difficult path. Creating the book was beautiful and healing. The illustrations are all Lauren originals.

This is a true story with a very happy ending. Her dad is now in remission.

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